ID&D Studios is a specialised design and development studio that focuses on the creation and production of sports protection gear, sports bags, fitness equipment, and accessories. With a deep understanding of the design process, product development, and manufacturing of both soft and hard consumer goods, ID&D is well-equipped to provide innovative solutions. 
In addition to designing visually appealing products, a strong emphasis on improving user experience through empathic design is integral throughout the development process. ID&D utilises its extensive network of suppliers and manufacturing resources in the Asia-Pacific region to bring its ideas to market.
ID&D Studios is led by Allan Wong, a designer with over 20 years of experience in product creation, industrial design, product development, project management, innovation and manufacturing. Allan was born, raised, and educated in the North-East of Scotland and graduated with a BSc (Hons) Design for Industry degree from Gray's School of Art - The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen in May 2001.
Allan relocated to Hong Kong in March 2002 and secured employment a week after his arrival. He first worked as an industrial designer at CMDA Ltd., a British-owned design consultancy, for five years before joining Easton Diamond Sports Ltd., an American sports company, where he spent 15 years in an industrial design and product development role. 
During his career in the sporting goods manufacturing industry, Allan created various types of protective gear and equipment bags for sports such as Baseball, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, and cycling accessories, as well as other fitness and outdoor recreation-related products primarily for the US and Canadian markets.
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