With a personal interest in technology, video editing, and a desire for creative expression, an initial 100 days was dedicated to deep dive into artificial intelligence-based applications. The rapid growth of AI tools has been both exciting and overwhelming, prompting the much-needed exploration of their potential benefits, limitations, and impact on designers,  design workflows, and the creative industry overall.
Below, is a collection of AI exploration works, showcasing the capabilities of AI image generation, AI image editing, Avatar speech motion creation, 3D Image creation, and video editing applications. All the images presented here were exclusively created by using only AI tools. 
These creations demonstrate the immense potential and creative possibilities that AI technology brings to the toolbox. With many AI software/ apps being introduced, this is just the beginning of the Ai integration, the exploration continues...
A small selection of work is shown here, the complete collection can be seen on Instagram: ai.altdims 
NFTs of the work created are in the process of being uploaded onto the Opensea market and will be available to purchase soon.
The collection can be seen on Opensea: AltDims
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