The first generation design of the Blackburn cycling bags. A minimalist, tough and durable collection of seamless welded, weatherproof bags.
Everything you need for the ride—spare tubes, tools, snacks, even a mini-pump—can be stashed in these seam welded constructed, lightweight, weatherproof bag. These are simple to attached to any bike, the hook-and-loop attachments and mounts are extremely user friendly, and the reflective printed branding adds visibility for night rides.
Being the very first seamless welded bags designed, these taught us the design restraints, sampling limitations, tooling costs and many little details that differentiate the product development from regular cut & sew constructed bags. 

Role: Designer/ Developer/ Project management/ Factory communication/ Costing: Allan Wong, in collaboration with LA product managers
Backpack and sling messenger bag concept design rendering proposals
Various design renderings for the Blackburn bags line, further developed and solved into tech-packs for sampling and reviews

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