The first Slowpitch player-specific protective gear was launched in February 2023. With its Velcro fastening system and elasticated straps, these leg guards are fully adjustable for a personalized fit. The removable plush interior shin liners ensure maximum comfort and easy-to-wash convenience.
The leg guards boast a live hinged thigh guard, secured by bindings on the edges for a smooth and seamless motion from crouching to running. The perforated thigh guard, made with a protective and lightweight impact foam compound, is a cost-effective solution. The added silicon grip print on the back of the thigh guard ensures the leg guards stay in place during play.
The raised design of the shin cap makes it highly resistant to impact. It is positioned slightly off-set to create a sling effect, reducing the transfer of energy from the ball to the player's shin. The knee cap, attached to the same liner as the shin cap, moves fluidly with the player's knee. 
The patent-pending shin guard extension allows for one size of leg guard to be adjusted for either longer or shorter lengths by simply attaching or removing it from the main shin cap. This 2-in-1 solution reduces the need for different-sized full-length shin caps during mass production, saving on tooling costs and streamlining the process.

Brief: To design protective leg guards for the Slowpitch player that differentiates it from the Baseball/ Fastpitch versions and modified Ice Hockey/ MTB leg guards, which players currently use. In addition, it also enables the fit of various player leg lengths without opening multiple sizes of tooling for cost savings. 
Role: Designer/ Developer/ 3D CAD/ Project management/ Factory communication/ Costing: Allan Wong, in collaboration with Montreal and LA R&D
Full case study with development and the visual design process can be viewed HERE
Initial design exploration sketches and photoshop renderings for review, direction and features discussion
Tech-pack technical drawings for factory sampling. Final photoshop rendering on the right and CAD prototypes for fit testing reviews
Solidworks CAD and 3D printed prototype components for fit testing. Tech-packs for sample adjustments for next sampling round
Initial T1 injected HDPE of the leg guard components, impact testing on assembled sample, liner graphic adjustment and QC checklist on final sample

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