Easton’s second-generation Black Magic 2.0 Box Set is perfect for the youth or beginner. In this catcher's set, it includes a catcher's helmet, chest protector and leg guards for full impact protection. Designed in both Youth and Jr Youth Sizes.
The Black Magic 2.0 chest protector is designed with a specific blocking design to allow the block segments to flex and wrap around the body of the player, for added comfort and range of motion when worn. Various foam types and densities are stacked in layers, protecting the player from ball impacts, together with an quick to use spring loaded clip allowing the chest protector to be removed and put on with ease. 
The Black Magic 2.0 leg guards with the dual knee/ thigh design and deep protective wrapping of the shin cap, deflects balls away. The live-hinged toe cap ensures the players foot is also protected against those rogue baseballs attacking the feet.
The design language is kept inline with the men's baseball gear, in a reduced scale, keeping to budget and features required at this price-point.

Brief: To reinterpret the adult Pro-X catcher's gear into a Youth sized design within a much lower target cost.
Role: Designer/ Developer/ 3D CAD/ Project management/ Factory communication/ Costing: Allan Wong, in collaboration w/ Montreal and LA R&D
Catcher's Helmet designed and developed in LA, Montreal and Taiwan R&D
BM 2.0 CP: Techpack pages at various stages during development
BM 2.0 LG: Development techpack, sample reviews and 3D CAD
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