Easton partnered with Jen Schro from "Jen Schro Catching" in the USA to create a line of catcher's protective gear specifically designed to fit the female player's body and the Jen Schro playing techniques. The range includes two models, "The Very Best & The Fundamental," available in three sizes and multiple colour options.
The Very Best Chest Protector, designed specifically for fastpitch catchers, is a revolutionary product that inspires and protects. With inspirational quotes on the interior liner, players can feel confident and stay focused during the game. The form-fitting design, specifically tailored to the female athlete, features a new chest silhouette that offers the best fit, mobility, and protection.
The two-part design features slimmed shoulders and abdominal area with extra memory foam for improved protection and fit. The top layer is created with a 3D-contoured base pattern that accommodates the bust, while the compression-molded, neoprene second layer wraps the waist and provides a comfortable fit. A patented silicone grip on the abdominal section reduces spin on blocked balls, positioning right in front of the catcher.
The leg guards have been engineered to provide full shin protection with a better fit. The injection-molded knee caps have a flat-to-curved design that enhances performance when sliding or throwing from the knees. The extra thick inner-knee padding, neoprene back of knee straps, and IKP+ technology help reduce pain, bruising, and irritation during play.
Visit easton.rawlings.comjenschrocatching.com for more info.

Brief: To create a set of catcher's protective gear that specifically fits the contours of the female body, together with the sliding techniques used in the Fastpitch style of playing, as well as enhancing protection and comfort. 
Role: Designer/ Developer/ 3D CAD/ Project management/ Factory communication/ Costing: Allan Wong, in collaboration with Montreal and LA R&D
Catcher's Helmet designed and developed by LA, Montreal and Taiwan R&D
The Fundamental line is the second price-point, with similar design language as the TVB set above, but with a single layered chest protector and a leg guard with less features and specs. in order to meet target pricing
Fastpitch: Jen Schro TVB - Chest protector: Development tech-packs, pattern making at various stages and sample fit validation
Fastpitch: Jen Schro TVB - Leg Guards: Development tech-packs, Solidworks 3D CAD/ 3D printed prototypes and factory production sample reviews

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