Catcher gear designed to meet the NOCSAE Commotio-Cordis (CC) standard, with a sternum block on the chest protector and shin guards for maximum impact protection. The line includes three models, the Pro-X, Elite-X, and Gametime Elite, each in three sizes and various colours, catering to different price ranges.
The Pro-X chest protector is designed for form-fitting comfort and features a dual-layer construction with a breathable EVAIR™ foam base and memory foam for enhanced rebound control. The patented silicone grip on the abdominal blocks reduces spin on blocked balls and keeps them close to the catcher. The chest protector also includes heavy-duty waist clips, an adjustable shoulder cap, and a four-point rear webbing strap system with a neoprene back strap organizer for a secure and comfortable fit.
The lower price-point Elite-X and Gametime chest pads were designed with single layer base layers and less features to meet target pricing.
The Pro-X Leg Guard features a wide-set knee design for improved blocking and explosive movements. Reinforced knee and thigh construction for a secure fit in the catcher's squat. Removable knee pads with shock-absorbing Poron XRD™ foam and plush foam padding for support and comfort. EVAIR™ vented base foam liner for breathability with an asymmetric inner removable comfort shin pad for adjustable fit and washability.

Brief: To design a lightweight and breathable set of catcher's protective gear that also meets the Nocsae Commotio Cordis sternum impact standard
Role: Designer/ Developer/ 3D CAD/ Project management/ Factory communication/ Material sourcing/ Costing: Allan Wong, in collaboration w/ Montreal and LA R&D.
Catcher's Helmet designed and developed by LA, Montreal and Taiwan R&D
Feature highlights of the Pro-X Chest Protector
MLB Player Austin Hedges talks about the Pro-X catcher's protective gear
PRO-X. The 1st price-point: The chest protector has a dual layered construction with an EVAIR perforated base foam. Silicon Grip dots on front, Commotio Cordis regulated sternum block, boat inserts on Abs with memory foam and double side clips. The leg guards have dual knee/ thigh protection, Poron XRD insert inside the knee comfort liner, asymmetrical shin comfort pad, black hardware and a removable toe cap extension.
ELITE-X. The 2nd price-point: Single layer construction with perforated foam base, boat inserts on Abs, minimum memory foam, single sided waist strap, Commotio Cordis sternum block and a tarpaulin rear strap organiser. The leg guards have both knee and shin removable comfort liner pads made of air mesh. Double thigh/ knee protection, black hardware and removable toe cap as per Pro-X. 
GAMETIME. The 3rd price-point: Basic chest pad, single layer construction, single sided waist clip, no memory foam or silver shoulder overlay, with a Tarpaulin rear strap organiser. The leg guards have the knee padding stitched into the liner, silver hardware and without shin comfort pad.
MLB player Max Stassi wearing custom made catchers gear
MLB Player Francisco Cerevelli wearing custom made chest protector with foams double the thickness for extra protection
MLB Player Francisco Cerevelli equipped in the Easton Pro-X gear with custom designed digital yellow camo
Easton USA Stars & Stripes colourway variant
PRO-X CP: Development tech-packs and Commotio Cordis sternum foam stack options with impact testing
PRO-X LG: Tech-packs, continuous sample reviews and 3D CAD refinements in Solidworks
The Pro-X gear out in the wild

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