The first generation Blackburn Flea front and rear cycling flashers, designed to be long-lasting, compact, weather-proof to accompany the night riders out on their outdoor adventures.
The custom PCB with a silicon gusset wrapping around the protruding LED's allow for a very small and powerful package. The upper and lower bodies are ultrasonically bonded and sealed, meaning no screws are used, simplifying the assembly when in production and making it totally weatherproof.
A convenient charging system, allows the user to charge the Flea's anywhere on the go, by simply using the common AA battery.
Mounting the Flea's by using the silicon grip Velcro strapping system, it allows the rider to mount these lights in almost any position; these can be attached on the handle bars, seat post, forks and even on their helmets and cycling apparel.
These design won the IF Design Award at 2008 EUROBIKE show and also featured in Wired.

Role: Designer/ Developer/ 3D CAD

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